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About Streamline - the best Merchant Account provider

At Streamline, we manage almost half of all transactions that are made on the UK high street.  Every one of those transactions is made quickly, securely, transparently and reliably.  We are proud of the trusted service we provide to businesses up and down the country from our UK-based call centres. Our merchants vary in size from small family run companies to large multi-national corporations, spanning a broad spectrum of industries and sectors.

There are 5 key reasons to choose Streamline:

  1. We are the largest provider of card payments in UK and Europe – We process approximately 50% of all face-to-face card transactions in UK

  2. We accept all major cards across a wide range of products - Face-to-face payments via chip & PIN; online payments and telephone payments

  3. We have market-leading fraud-screening tools and our standard package includes chip & PIN, address verification, and cardholder verification if the cardholder is not present

  4. We pride ourselves on Customer Service – We have a UK-based Helpdesk, and an authorisations team that are available 24 hours a day, 363 days a year

  5. Global Expertise – We can process 114 currencies, and are active in over 40 countries across the world

Streamline is part of the WorldPay group of companies; one of the top five global players in card processing.

Meet the CEO, Philip Jansen