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Contactless payment card

Contactless from Streamline

The future of low-value payments


Contactless Payments


Contactless Payment logoContactless Credit and Debit Card Payments from Streamline is the fast, easy and secure way to accept low value debit and credit card payments. It is also known as Wave and pay, Tap & Go™, PayPass™ and payWave™.

To make a Contactless payment, customers simply hold their enabled credit, or debit card close to a secure reader, or terminal.
There is no need to insert the card, or enter their PIN.

The speed with which these cashless transactions are completed makes them perfect for small everyday purchases. Also, merchants benefit from reduced queues in stores and competitive debit card transaction rates, which are often lower than traditional Chip and PIN transactions.

Please note: The UK contactless payment limit has increased from £15 to £20 on 1 June 2012, find out more on Contactless Updates.