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A mobile terminal in use

Renting From Us

Portable and fixed POS terminals to hire.

POS Equipment: Renting From Us

POS Equipment: Renting From Us

Desk Top (fixed line) Terminals

Our current desk top or fixed line terminals are modern in design and highly secure. They all enjoy a small footprint and will suit your business if:

  • You do not require portability
  • Your Point of Sale area is accessible to the cardholder for PIN entry

Solutions are available with either:

  •  An integrated PIN pad where the terminal keypad allows the cardholder to enter their PIN


  • with a separate or a detachable PIN Pad. This option is suitable for use behind glass as the PIN Pad is slim enough to fit under most security windows.

All options require you to have one BT style telephone socket and one 13 amp plug socket, both within 1.5 metres from where the terminal is to be placed.
They are backed up with an 8 business hour replacement in the event of a problem or fault being encountered.

Portable terminals

Portable terminals are the ideal solution for your business if:

  • You are a restaurant or bar offering an 'at table' service
  • The lay out of your business will not allow the customer to use PIN entry easily
  • You do not operate behind glass

Our portable terminals operate using Blue Tooth and have a range* of up to 100 metres away from the communications module or base unit

Each device requires 1 BT style phone socket and up to two 13 amp plug sockets within 1.5 metres of where the communication module is to be placed (one for the communications module and one for the charging cradle).

*Please note as with all portable devices certain obstructions can interfere with the range and connectivity for example, steel girders, extra thick walls.

Mobile Terminals

Mobile terminals are suitable if your business needs to take card payments on the move.

Tell me more about mobile payment service.