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Important information

Read this information before you start using your terminal. The MOI tells you all you need to know about processing card payments with Streamline.

Operating Instructions

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Merchant Operating Instructions: Important Information

It is very important to read this information before you begin using your terminal because it tells you about your obligations when processing card payments with Streamline. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help. Find out more about How to Get in Touch.

  • Your Contract with us 
  • This guide forms part of your Contract with us. It covers all the services you have requested and may include some others. Check your Streamline Contract to find out which services are available to you already. You must ensure that your card processing facility is only used to accept payments for the goods and/or services that you told us your business provides, which is detailed in your Streamline Contract.

    If you have any doubt about your contractual obligations after reading this guide, we recommend you obtain legal advice.

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  • Terminating your contract 
  • For Acquiring Services, Technical Services and Other Payment Service
  • The following applies if you have no more than ten employees and also have an annual turnover and/or balance sheet total of no more than €2 million. You can give us one month's notice at any time to terminate your contract. If we terminate your contract we will give you two months' notice.
  • For Terminal Hire
  • You can terminate by giving us one month’s notice at any time.  However, if you terminate before the Minimum Term you committed to – 12 months for mobile terminals; 36 months for all other terminals, you will be liable to pay all sums due from the date of termination to the end of the Minimum Term less a 5% discount.
  • How to terminate
  • If you are thinking of leaving, please call us on 0191 2037318.

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  • You must tell us about any of these: 
    • If you change the nature of your business – for example, if you start selling a different kind of goods or services, begin trading online or offer guarantees or warranties
    • If you change the length of the guarantees or warranties offered on your products
    • If you change the legal entity of your business – for example from sole trader to limited company
    • Change to your bank account details
    • Change of address
    • Change of contact name
    • Change of contact number
    • If a partner/director leaves or a new partner/director joins
    • If you open or close an outlet/site
    • If you do not want to take cards any more

    You must provide notification to Streamline of any changes to your circumstances, in writing and with an authorised signature. For our contact details, find out more in How to Get in Touch. If you do not let us know about any of the above changes, we may suspend or withdraw some or all of your card-processing facility.

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  • Your terminal is for business use only 
  • You must not process any transactions that do not directly relate to the sale of goods and services provided by your business and never process transactions on behalf of third parties. This includes sales, Purchase With CashBack (PWCB) or refunds to your own card account or any other card. If you misuse your terminal, we may suspend or withdraw some or all of your card processing facility.

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  • Minimising risk 
  • You take card payments at your own risk. If you and your staff follow the instructions in this guide carefully, the risk may be reduced, but it’s important to understand that card payments are not guaranteed. Please make sure that everyone taking card payments for your business has read this guide thoroughly and practised the procedures. We also recommend you hold regular training sessions with all your staff to refresh their understanding.

    Much of the information and guidance provided in these Merchant Operating Instructions (MOI) is based on what we believe is current industry best practice. We hope that such practices will help you minimise possible exposure to security breaches or losses through fraud and chargebacks. However, Streamline (and any affiliated companies, representatives, etc.) does not guarantee that security breaches or losses will not happen and will not be held liable in any such cases.

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  • Card types 
  • Remember you can only accept card types set out in your Streamline Contract. If you process any others, the transaction may be returned unpaid, either rejected during processing or returned via the chargeback process.

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  • Keeping records 
  • Terminal receipts, paper vouchers and other transaction records are high-security items and access to them should be restricted. Keep your copies of all transaction details in a secure fireproof place for at least 18 months in case there is a query later. If you are not able to produce records when asked to, there may be a chargeback.

    Do not alter transaction records in any way.  If there is a dispute, the cardholder’s copy will normally be taken as correct.  After 18 months, make sure that you dispose of all transaction records securely, in line with your Contract.

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  • Using your terminal 
  • Depending on your terminal type, you may be required to provide a telephone line for your terminal to connect with the Streamline Processing and Authorisation Systems. If your terminal is supplied by Streamline you must ensure that it is connected to a power supply and telephone line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure it is available to receive important updates if required.

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  • Authorisation of transactions 
  • Authorisation of a transaction confirms that there are sufficient funds available to cover the transaction and that the card has not been reported lost or stolen at that time. It does not confirm the authenticity of the card presenter or the card, nor does it guarantee payment. Find out more about Authorisation.

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