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Purchase with Cashback

Important information on the Purchase With CashBack (PWCB) service.

Operating Instructions

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Merchant Operating Instructions: Purchase with Cashback

Purchase With CashBack (PWCB) may be good for your business and the people who shop with you. For your customers, being able to get cash when they spend at a local outlet is a convenient way to save time. That could encourage them to visit more regularly – potentially boosting your takings. From a security perspective, PWCB also reduces the amount of cash held on the premises, making your business less vulnerable to crime.
To offer Purchase With CashBack:

  1. You will need a supplementary agreement with Streamline.
  2. You must process the transaction through your terminal. If your terminal is not working, you cannot offer cash back.
  3. Your customer must be making a purchase at the same time as requesting cash back.
  4. Your customer must be present to enter their PIN (or sign the terminal receipt if the card does not support chip and PIN).
  5. The amount of cash back must not be more than the limit in your PWCB agreement.
  6. Your customer must use one of these cards:
    • Maestro
    • Visa Debit
    • Visa Electron
    • European-issued Debit MasterCard

Purchase with CashBack limit

If you already offer PWCB, the maximum PWCB limit will be increasing from £50 to £100 as follows:

  • If you have a Streamline terminal
    Your Streamline terminal will be updated automatically to allow for the increased cash back element with no need for any technical modification over the next few months. Once this has been completed your terminal will guide you through the PWCB transaction in the normal way.

    Updates to Streamline terminals will commence in October 2010 and it is expected that all Streamline terminals will be updated by the end of 2010. To ensure this update takes place, your terminal should remain switched on and attached to a direct phone line at all times. Failure to complete this may cause the limit update to fail.

  • If you do not have a Streamline terminal
    If you do not have a Streamline terminal, you will need to contact your supplier who provides your card terminal/payment solution. They are already aware of this increase so you will need to make arrangements with them as soon as possible, to allow your business to provide this increased cash back element if you have not done so already. No additional testing with Streamline will be necessary.

  • Before you start 
    • Be sure that the card belongs to the person presenting it. If you are suspicious you could ask the cardholder for other identification such as a driving licence or a passport. Find out more in Reducing Fraud.
    • The PWCB process is not the same for all terminals. As well as following the basic step-by-step guide below, read your Terminal User Guide for specific instructions.
    • If you are suspicious about the card or the cardholder, call the Authorisation Centre on 0845 7 600 500 and say, "This is a ‘Code 10’ call". The operator will talk you through the process.  Read more on Suspicious transactions.

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  • A step-by-step guide 
    1. Ask the cardholder to insert their card into the chip reader slot on your terminal or separate PIN entry device.
    2. Following the terminal prompts, key in the full amount of the transaction, then enter the PWCB amount separately.
    3. Your terminal will advise which method is required - always follow the prompts on the terminal.
    4. Your terminal will now usually ask the cardholder for a PIN. If it doesn’t, this may be because the cardholder has a non-UK-issued Maestro card, or an impairment that means they need to sign.  Find out more about when a signature is needed.
      For non-chip and PIN transactions, you should check that the card is not damaged and shows no sign of having been cut or written over. You should also check the specific security features for the card you are accepting. Find out more in the Card Recognition Guide.
    5. Ask the cardholder to check that the transaction amount is correct and enter their PIN.
    6. Most terminals will then authorise the transaction automatically. If the terminal prompts you to call the Authorisation Centre, dial 0845 7 600 500 immediately and follow the instructions. Find out more in Authorisation and Referrals.
    7. Only give the cardholder the goods they are buying and the cash amount when you have received authorisation and completed the card transaction. If authorisation is not given, do not go ahead with the transaction. Ask your customer for an alternative payment method. Find out more about Reducing Fraud.
    8. Wait for the terminal to print out a terminal receipt.
    9. Confirm the transaction on the terminal and give your customer the goods they have purchased, the cash amount, their card (they should remove it from the PIN pad if a chip and PIN transaction) and their copy of the terminal receipt.

    Terminal receipts, paper vouchers and other transaction records are high-security items and access to them should be restricted.  Keep your copies of all transaction details in a secure fireproof place for at least 18 months in case there is a query later.  If you are not able to produce records when asked to, there may be a chargeback.  Do not alter transaction records in any way.  If there is a dispute, the cardholder’s copy will normally be taken as correct.  After 18 months, make sure that you dispose of all transaction records securely, in line with your Contract.

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